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Coinsbit is an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded at the beginning of 2018. The legal entity “Coinsbit” is EXRT Services OU. The organization is registered at Narva mnt 7, Kekslinna linnaosa, Tallin, Harju maakond, 10117. is on the 18th place in the rating of crypto exchanges according to the Coingecko resource. We expressed our utmost interest in this matter. After a short analysis of the company’s activities and feedback on its activities, we are ready to share our opinion in this review. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange “Coinsbit” At the end of 2019, Coinsbit became a competitive exchange, now it can “compete” even with the top representatives of the financial sector. The daily trading volume of Coinsbit averages $1,400,000,000. However, according to customers in their reviews, this figure is significantly inflated. Every month, the official site is visited by traders more than one million times. Coinsbit news can be followed in today’s popular social networks:;; The official website of is quite simple. From its main page, you can go to any section or tab of the site. Navigation through the resource is very convenient and does not require any additional knowledge. There are no extra buttons in the interface, and there are no flashy titles in the landing page. This fact inspires confidence. is translated into 14 languages, including Russian.

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9 reviews to “Coinsbit — Review”

  1. In accordance to the reply by

    my funds have never arrived, I have received no answer on the support ticket that I’ve created 4 months and 2 weeks ago.
    Please show your beliefs in actually sorting this out instead of writing replies that sound nice.
    You have been reported as scam numerous times, there are many accusations of scam activity on bitcoin talk forums, so, please prove me wrong by actually doing something.
    Your exchange remains a scam until it’s proved otherwise.

    update after coinsbit response:
    this is just making the frustration grow.
    I’ve received my funds on my account balance and tried to withdraw them for 3 times today already, but after waiting for almost 10 hours so far I got the withdrawal cancelled every single time.
    The support agent has not provided any solution and quit the chat. I have all the chat transcripts saved.

    The fact that the funds result to be on my balance on your platform doesn’t change anything as I’m not able to withdraw them.

  2. Very reliable . You can trust them. But There is a problem their site is very complicated i think they should fix it.

  3. Very easy to setup, use and transfer money in and out of the account

  4. My account has been blocked for “MORE THAN 3 WEEKS”
    I requested withdraw BTC and it’s not completed, I cannot even login to my own account.

    They say they can speed up to solve my case, but…
    What kind of technical support and security support can it be to let their customers wait this long…

    I hope I can rely on them more.

    Please please please do something ASAP!!!

  5. thanks for fast support. I asked about my problem in chat, they are redirected me to Live-chat on exchange. After short waiting , support manager give me good advice about my issue. Great support

  6. Young and original exchange. Working on their image. They answer publicly and try not to close themselves off from the community. Of course, there is something to work on – speed and functionality, but even before my eyes, a lot of updates have already passed, even the interface. Nice and polite support team.

  7. You should never transact with this exchange. A shocking 99% spread. Perfect Scampany!!

  8. Imagine the most unreliable system and the most haphazard support team you can. You are imagining Coinsbit.

    I purchased coins on an IEO at coinsbit and they were not made available to me at the end of the IEO and I received no support despite multiple attempts to reach out to them.

    I then logged out and was unable to log back in. Again support was useless and communicated poorly, did not listen to my situation and attempted to ask me for my wallet details.

    I used coinsbit because it was the only place available for the token I wanted to purchase. I do not recommend this exchange even if it is your only option. Just find a different project to support because this has been constant hassle with 0 results. Your choice though.

  9. This platform provides services for cryptocurrency trading, storage and exchange. Registration on the platform is quick and easy without entering unnecessary information. Cryptocurrency exchange operations are fast, withdrawals are simple.

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