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The hero of our latest review is a small cryptocurrency exchange from Argentina that has been providing services for only a couple of years. This is So far, it has a small trading volume, because it is far from being as popular as Binance and other major players in the crypto industry. The trading volume for the last day at C-Patex is 0.021300 BTC. Let’s look at what trading conditions it offers and what users write about it in their reviews. Company Profile at a Glance Cryptocurrency exchange based in Argentina. On you can find the exact address, which is located in the very “basement” of the official website: While preparing the review, we managed to find out that the trading platform has been offering services since 2017. The owner and management company of the crypto exchange is Cripto Patagonia S.A. C-Patex does not have a license to operate, but this does not mean that we are dealing with a scam project. The situation is similar with other cryptocurrency exchanges. The reason for this is the lack of legal clarity regarding digital assets. However, the trademark C-Patex has been verified by the Argentine regulatory authorities (approvals 3689432 and 3689433). Crypto Patagonia S.A. – an honest taxpayer, registered with the federal tax agency AFIP under the number CUIT 30-71641341-8.

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3 reviews to “C-Patex — Review”

  1. C-Patex now ETH trades
    Hi they added Ethereum, with a plus , low deposits under 0,1 ETH are allow.

  2. This is a fraud site
    They took all my coins and suspended my account. Recently, I lost my 2FA code because I changed my cell phone and installed a new google authenticator app. This requires a reset on the 2FA on C-Patex website so that I can get the new code on my google authenticator app. I would explain to you how this site is a fraud when you try to reset your 2FA on this site, there is no option to do that. You have to send an email to customer care to reset your 2FA. But these guys will ask you irrelevant questions such as what coins and how many you have in your account. This is insane, how should I know these details when I am not able to log in, and the last time I logged in was like 8-10 months ago. When I have a different answer they suspended my account and told that I am a hacker. This is funny, these guys are just here to steal all your coins. Beware, don’t put the coins in their wallet as they are big scam.

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