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Since its inception, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange has been providing traders from all over the world with high-quality financial services since its inception. It is rightfully considered one of the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies. The mission of the crypto-exchange, according to its creators, is the popularization of cryptocurrency and access to blockchain technology for all segments of the population. This goal and user feedback form a tandem that inspires the company’s engineers to continuously improve the functionality of the platform. We have reviewed the activities of this company and are ready to share the results of our work with you. Brief overview The platform was launched 8 years ago (2011). It almost immediately won the trust of users from all over the world. The creator of Kraken Jesse Powell, realizing the growing prospects of digital currency and the rapid development of blockchain technology, set out to develop a platform for currency transfers, geographically and financially unlimited. And he succeeded! The crypto exchange is adapted for corporate clients of any size, as well as individual speculators of various levels. Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken occupies a good position in the world ranking, being one of the first in the digital asset market. The beta version of the site was tested in 2013. In the same year, it was officially open to customers. The listing of the exchange is replenished annually with popular cryptocurrencies. But the management also does not move away from legislative amendments to ban the anonymity of digital currency, which proves the reliability of the site. The main sections of the official website are translated into several languages, so Kraken cannot be called a localized project. Available in English (British and American), Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Only the main page of the site has been translated into Russian. The overview of the site interface leaves a good impression, as it is both a modern design and a logical distribution of functions and sections. Kraken opens up wide trading opportunities for speculators. Here you will find that trading futures, indices and using leverage can be much more convenient and safer. At your disposal are many tools, functions that optimize analysis and exchange processes.

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  1. I have been crypto trading for five years, and I have tried about a dozen exchanges but I settled on Kraken. It has the lowest commissions on the market. Plus, it is a universal platform where margin trading is available both in cryptocurrencies, indices, stablecoins, and futures. Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges, it does not press with leverage of x50 for futures and x5 for margin trading. In principle, even beginners will be comfortable on this platform. The training base is gorgeous, so with Kraken, you can get the necessary basics and can start with success in crypto trading.

  2. In general, I specialize more in investment projects and avoid independent trading. However, an acquaintance of mine praised Kraken so much that I nevertheless decided to take a chance and discover a new direction of earnings. What can I say: this trading platform has a ton of benefits, ranging from low fees to multiple payment channels. The withdrawal to the card takes a minimum of time. I recently received $2,000 within 5 minutes of my withdrawal request. However, there are also shortcomings. This platform is not suitable for investors, and there is only an affiliate program for passive earnings.

  3. I have been thinking about crypto trading for a long time and was looking for a sensible exchange. My brother recommended Kraken. He uses this site himself and, apart from a few minor flaws, is pleased with it. I initially liked the fact that there are tons of tutorials. I had no experience of working with cryptocurrencies, so the info offered by the crypto exchange came in handy for me. The interface is intuitive and functional, and thanks to adequate commissions and a variety of payment/withdrawal methods, trading with Kraken is comfortable.

  4. I have been using Kraken for about a year. In general, I can say that I am satisfied. Its variety of assets is enough for me. In addition to cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, there are many fiats. The commission policy of the exchange means that the exchange fees, up to 0.26%, are some of the lowest among the market average. I started trading from the web version of the terminal, and recently I downloaded an attachment from Kraken to Android. It is very convenient, and in terms of functionality, it has everything you need for comfortable trading in coins.

  5. Guys, there are all sorts of different crypto exchanges now. Here you need to look at what suits whom. Kraken works fine for me. Professionals should definitely check out decent leverage (1:50 for futures and 1:5 for margin trading). Due to the high liquidity, there are no problems with finding buyers/sellers. Beginners should be comfortable here, too. The information base is great, and there are good video podcasts with analytics, news, and tutorials. For passive earnings, I use the Kraken affiliate program. The single-tiered referral program is good for a little extra income.

  6. Before Kraken, I used the services of other cryptocurrency exchanges, but I didn’t stay there. The reason is problems with payment discipline. It’s good that I came across a smart man on a thematic forum, who suggested paying attention to the Kraken exchange. I have been trading here for a year and a half and have not yet had a desire to switch to another platform. The crypto exchange is really smart. First, the commissions here are an order of magnitude lower than the market average, which favorably distinguishes this company from its competitors. Second, there are large trading volumes on the site; accordingly, there are no problems with liquidity. And third, there are many assets on the exchange and new ones are constantly added. Fiats are also plentiful—dollars, euros, pounds, etc.

  7. Here are my five cents about Kraken. I’ve been trading here for over three years. Before that, I had little experience in crypto trading, consequently, I lost more than I earned. Only after switching to the Kraken platform, did I begin to build up momentum. Comfortable conditions for earning money reside here. The trading terminal is typical, so the mobile version of the Kraken software is more interesting to me. Here, everything seems to be somehow more convenient and understandable. Of the obvious disadvantages is the lack of opportunities for passive earnings; there’s only a single-level affiliate program. It does not count.

  8. I looked closely at Kraken for a long time and studied the opinions of other exchanges. This is my first experience of searching for a crypto exchange platform, so I had a lot of questions. However, I decided to take a chance and don’t regret choosing this particular trading platform. All major cryptocurrencies are represented here, a lot of fiat. Plus, the company is constantly working on listings, as new assets frequently appear. To trade with Kraken, you need to register and be sure to verify. Your best bet is to get tested right away to get to the Pro level because it has the lowest exchange fees.

  9. I came to Kraken on a lark. Before that, I had been trading for some time on another exchange, but I realized that a more interesting alternative could be found. I registered and verified on Kraken without any problems. The only thing is that the support gave me a little advice on some issues. The great thing is that the company is loyal to newcomers and provides all the necessary training materials. Although I already had experience in crypto trading, I learned a lot of useful information from its tutorials.

  10. I am indebted to my friend who shared information about Kraken and gave me an invitation via a referral link. Now a lot of crypto exchanges have appeared, so it is difficult to choose a really worthy one. I’ve been using the Kraken exchange for about four months. The most important thing is that there are many loyal and comfortable trading conditions here. During all this time, I have never turned to support to resolve any technical or organizational issues. For me, this is an indicator that the company is worthy and has thoroughly thought out all the nuances.

  11. I agree that the Kraken exchange is worth paying attention to. I have been using this platform for about a year, and before that, I specialized more in passive earnings by investing in real estate, agriculture, etc. I decided to change my occupation after I got into a one-day HYIP (high yield investment program). I lost a bunch of dough and in desperation asked for advice from a friend. He recommended the Kraken exchange because it is comfortable to start here. The terminal is standard, and there are tutorials, no restrictions on strategies, and commissions are even lower than the market average. I’m happy here.

  12. I have no complaints about the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. The terminal is simple to navigate, and even with zero knowledge of coin trading, you can start transactions immediately after registering on the site. The commission policy is loyal, the amount of exchange costs depends on the trade turnover. This is a normal practice used by many venues. However, against the background of its competitors, Kraken looks better because commissions from 0.26% are already the lowest from the start. The exchange allows any strategy, including scalping.

  13. When I studied the information about the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, I repeatedly saw reviews from others that this is one of the most secure platforms. For me, this is important, since several times I got snagged into scams. I registered on the Kraken exchange a couple of months ago. So far, everything is smooth. Despite the absence of a call center, the support answers questions quite quickly, so there are no problems with support. And in principle, everything is sensibly done on the platform – low commissions, a functional interface, many channels for depositing/withdrawing funds.

  14. I switched to the Kraken platform because it has several advantages over its competition. The main argument in favor of this crypto exchange is its low fees. I have compared it with several marketplaces and the Kraken exchange has always been the best. In addition, this crypto exchange makes it possible to conduct not only spot and margin trading but also to conclude transactions with indices and futures. Fiats are plentiful—up to ten, if I’m not mistaken.

  15. I see that many people praise the Kraken exchange for its reliability and comfortable conditions for cooperation. I’ve been using this platform for about a year, and it’s really good here. I would also like to note a high-quality trading terminal, it is simple and at the same time functional, even take profit and stop loss are integrated. The Kraken exchange has many advantages, so I will not list all of them. You will see for yourself if you register. I just want to name the cons such as the lack of telephone communication and investment programs. Also, the exchange favors active traders.

  16. I tried different exchanges, eventually settled on Kraken. Here are the best conditions for me. I have my favorite tools, the platform is understandable, I figured it out quickly and so far (for six months) nothing has lagged. The commission is also adequate, often below the market. Analytical materials are generally informative. But I’ll clarify right away: I was initially interested in a broker for active independent trading. There are no investment programs in Kraken, and that suits me. If you want extra income, then this is not your option, don’t waste your time. I won’t say anything about beginners: on the one hand, Kraken provides basic training, but you can’t call the support service, except for a ticket or a chat.

  17. It used to be not bad here, but every year the Kraken exchange dies down, as its turnover falls. Now it cannot be said that this is a large exchange, which it once was …

  18. I have to say they are scammers. He believed in Kraken, held coins on their crypto exchange. I recently found out that they deducted 50% of the balance from my trading account because I had not logged into my account for a long time. Who does this! And this without warning, of course!

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