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The popularity of digital money is growing every day. There are different ways to get the desired coin, but it would be best to use the services of professional trading platforms. The list of honest companies includes the world-famous exchange HitBTC. The platform is in the lists of trading luminaries of the crypto space. She has a long history and vast experience. It appeared on the market in 2013 with a starting capital (in the form of investments) of about $6 million. Information about the work of the company often appears in the media. Articles are published in Finance Yahoo, Cointelegraph and DigitalJournal. The exchange has created its own product – this is a highly functional API. The idea has concentrated a maximum of usefulness for the site developers.

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14 reviews to “HitBTC — Review”

  1. Scam.Will lock your take your profits and say there is a maintenance problem for months.DO NOT USE

    Still saying there is a maintenance problem with WAXP token on system monitor.
    It resets everyday, so it looks like the “problem” just happened yesterday but have been waiting since FEBRUARY for a fix. Can’t withdraw funds.Other people had similar issues,check reddit.

  2. I was trading with these s.,no of bxxxch for about a year now but its been one month I bought doge at a really low price and every other market saw a surge except these guys. I will never ever trade with these guys again and will be making a police complaints against these guys. I will even get interpol involved with the way these guys are scamming people. I’m sure if everyone complaints these people should be jailed.

  3. I asked the support several times to remove my 2FA, sent them a copy of my ID and gave them more information but they simply stopped to react. This is not acceptable, I‘am pissed.
    In case they Wang to improve: Ticket #690278
    No support or service!
    Update: After this post, HitBTC asked for more information which I submitted. Afterwards again nothing. No one contacted me or helped me. I still don’t have access. Can’t believe it.

  4. Long time user of HitBTC, and was happy. Recent events have changed that:
    – Dogecoin hostage situation. Disabling withdrawals, and exchange rate with other coins is 50% of market price, ie. not able to get your coins out but for a 50% cut. This is criminal.
    – Now why do they act this way? They cannot act otherwise, to prevent going bankrupt.
    – Withdrawal fee’s seem to have risen over the years.

  5. Where to start,
    my account is stuck in the kyc issue, sent all the documents still pending,
    second dogecoins are offline due to investigation, been more then a month, second exchange very low,
    i dont understand how come they taking so long, this should be fixed asap for customer to have more trust in hitbtc,
    previously didnt have much problems but now way to many problems
    Please fixed my account and fix doge coin

  6. Very very Bad exchanger with expensif Fee withdrawal.. not supporting TRC20.
    We must Pay 100 TRX for Tron withdrawal..
    Or pay 45 USDT with type ERC20.. not TRC20..
    Scam scam scam FEE WIthdrawal..
    Never back to you..!!
    When i chat on telegram group support, they Block us.. try it.. ask about Fee Withdrawal, then you will get banned from their telegram group.. 😅😂

  7. HitBtc promised to participate in XYM airdrop for XEM holders. They have never distributed XYM and have not answered why or when they will do so for several months. I will never trust or use Hitbtc again.
    Update: Finally they distributed after a really long time. I will update it from 1 to 2 stars since the experience was really bad an I could not sell my xym while they had some value.

  8. Scammers. They deduct $10 per month for no trading. That’s the only exchange which does that. I’ve already done thousands of trades here a few years back, so they earned already lots of money from me, but as a ‘thank you’ they deducted $300 in the last years in total for no activity. Again … scammers. And they didn’t have the ‘balls’ to name it fee – they just declared it as ‘withdraws’. I’ve never seen that anywhere else. Yes – they are scammers.

    dogecoin withdraw blocked for over 1 year
    dogecoin trades for 20% of actual value
    support team gives copy and paste answers over and over again like a bad nightmare
    they also actively silence anyone who mentions anything about it on their chat or reddit page
    EDIT: Jun 6
    Look at their fn reply, same $hit over and over and over for 1 fn year. Give them the benefit of the doubt and say they did not short sell user’s doge.
    Would you trust an exchange who claim they can’t run a doge wallet for 1 year?

  10. I made a transfer from one exchange to this exchange. They said that I made an error. I did not.
    I approached them.
    Alex Biescas
    Victor Serrano
    Emilio Sanchez
    These are the support agents that I have had the misfortune of dealing with.
    They pretend to be professional. but if the truth be known, they are just dishonest. I do not recommend that anyone use HitBTC, it is a scam.

  11. Hello, I have BNK coins from PreIco and at the moment I am on the HitBTC platform but unfortunately the BNK withdrawals on this HITBTC platform are blocked and I have been writing them for 3 weeks continuously and I do not receive any answer, please help me to recover my BNK coins that I have had since 2018. I am waiting for your answer as soon as possible

  12. I’ve been using this crypto exchange for half a year already. It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning since the interface is made for professionals rather than newbies, but I got used to it eventually.

  13. I honestly wish I could not give a star rating. They made me feel I will get my money back but it was the opposite. I was in constant communication with the customer care but they kept on telling me stories saying I will have to pay more money to get my money back. I got so tired and I went on Google to look for a solution and I found Chain Vault Technology and they intervened and made sure I got all that was taken away from me.

  14. Fruad Fruad Fruad ….. SCAM SCAM SCAM

    my ticket number is 1328137, Sep 16, 2021, 5:23 PM
    I never received my BCN coin back when I forget my password I provide all the required documents but I didn’t get any reply from support, I lost all of my money, please don’t trust this company this is a fraud compnay.

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