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Phone: +442475209810

Address: First floor, 47/48 Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

CED Capital Ltd is an international brokerage with offices in Europe and CIS countries. Working with our company brings successful trading experience, you will create your personal portfolio, find the assets which match your trading style best and gain the new knowledge. It takes just a couple of clicks to open a position. Besides that you will have the full set of instruments and metrics needed to master trading on Forex.

CED Capital Limited
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  1. What they do, I’m talking about CED Capital. Throw threats after I started asking questions. And the most interesting thing is that when I looked at reviews and reviews about them, I did not find a single negative one. They apparently pay for such comments and reviews, because otherwise I cannot explain their activities. A certain Alexander spoke to me, he said that it was not clear where to look for them, but I certainly could not return my money.

  2. The site is a natural type of scam that is not worth your attention! Repent on my experience! I lost both the deposit and what I earned there. Closed access to the account. I will look forward to when this hovnosite Roskomnadzor will block!

  3. A real scam that doesn’t work. The site creates the appearance of a brokerage site, but it just creates the appearance, and does not work, since there is neither a license to carry out financial activities, nor the company itself, but only the site itself, and that one is of poor quality, since it does not even open.
    The registration data of the office is fake, since it simply does not exist at the address. They also do not provide licenses, even foreign ones. It is not known who owns this organization, since those behind it are hiding.
    The site is also registered offshore, on a bulletproof hosting, which was created so that even law enforcement agencies cannot declassify the site owner, the accounts are also registered to unknown persons somewhere on the islands.
    Having brought money there, you are guaranteed to never see them again, since this is what the calculation is for, so as not to pay anyone. By the way, if you see positive reviews about them, don’t believe them. They actively falsify their reputation by posting cheap positive reviews designed to lure a gullible sucker. Divorce as it is, and therefore do not need to believe the deceivers.

  4. Ced Capital Limited is a scam. This is already known to the entire Internet. There are already so many reviews about this site that it’s scary to imagine and they are all negative, since the site is actually fake. There is no license here, they work illegally and were created to swindle traders. Those who understand at least a little about trading will not go there to trade, the divorce is designed for simpletons.

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