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Phone: +442081573800

Address: 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Munro Financial Planners Limited has been providing online trading services for currencies, commodities, stocks and CFDs since 2012 for traders of different countries. Our company’s goal is to provide the most competitive service for customers from all over the World. We are constantly working on developing our products and providing the best conditions for traders while observing all strict financial rules. The company aims to provide clients with tools for permanent self-development and invests in support, training and analytical tools.

Munro Financial Planners
3.4 based on 5 reviews

5 reviews to “Munro Financial Planners — Review”

  1. Do you think Munro Financial Planners is a really smart broker or is it worth looking for an alternative? I saw an advertisement for this company on a thematic forum. I see that many praise, but there is no license for brokerage activities … This is what stops me for now. I’d like to monitor the reviews and then I’ll make a decision.

  2. I don’t know what to think. My friend has been trading on this platform for the second month and has not complained yet. However, I also met negative reviews about this broker on the Web. Huh, what to think. I can’t tell you anything, because I didn’t register on the platform myself. I observe) Although if you evaluate the purely conditions, then they are quite acceptable for making money.

  3. While I earned 500 bucks with this broker, I encountered technical failures several times in the process of trading and was worried if the deposit was salted. However, the company’s employees quickly came to the rescue and eliminated the shortcomings. If this does not happen again, I will stay on the platform, otherwise I will have to look for an alternative. I really don’t want to do that 🙁

  4. I registered on the Munro Financial Planners website, but have not yet managed to break the big jackpot so that there is something to display on the card. I hope that in a week or two I will already see the result and be able to share it with you. I will say right away that there is no demo here, so you will have to risk your capital anyway.

  5. Thanks to this broker, I started earning while still a student. I invested the money that my parents gave me for my birthday and never regretted it. There is training here, and qualified support is provided.

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