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Trade with the best and learn from them

Thousands of financial instruments within just a click

One of the market’s most efficient and secure trading platforms

Negative balance protection and segregated funds

Small group of pro traders, assistance and help from account managers and financial advisors

Multilingual, professional and personalized support service

Weekly digests, daily news, trading signals live

Diversify your trading portfolio, avoid unnecessary risks and maximize profits. Forex pairs, indices, commodities or stocks – it is up to you to decide.


Thosands of various assets from international exchanges available in Webtrader

Forex pairs: 2,500

Stocks and Indices: 40,000+

Сommodities: 100+

  • Trading platform, best of the kind, to create successful trading experience
  • Graphs, tables, charts to personalize your account
  • Personalized watchlist
  • Quick assets search
  • Just a couple of clicks to open a position
  • Tools, indicators, technical analysis to develop most sophisticated trading strategies

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Our goal is to become world’s leading online trading company.


We’re focused on changing people’s financial situation. We offer online trading products and services helping them to change it. Every day is a challenge: we provide online services which make trading available to everyone.


Overton Partners business model stands on three pillars. These are ethics, passion and professional approach. Here are our key values:

  • Customer first
  • We act as one entity
  • Being different is OK
  • Doing the right things pays
  • Excellence is worth time and efforts spent
  • Everyone deserves to know the truth
Overton Partners Ltd
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4 reviews to “Overton Partners Ltd — Review”

  1. The creators of this scam are making fools of people who enter the site to study the activities of the organization and trading conditions. Immediately striking is the amateurishness and stupidity of the scammers who created this misunderstanding. Just look at the phrase that flaunts on the main page of this scam “Here at Overtone Parters LTD, trading is easy.” First, there are two errors in the company name. These fools are so brainless, they are so freeloaders that they could not even just copy and paste the name so that it would be the same everywhere. Second, is trading easy? With such a statement, they immediately revealed their entire deceitful and dirty essence. Such companies will always tell you that trading is easy, so that you work with them, as if you will become millionaires here. If trading is easy, then why did the morons start this lousy brokerage scumbag? And they’re trying to scam people? When they can trade and raise millions themselves, it’s EASY. The same applies to their trading assistant services, passive income of 9% per month, and so on. Why would these 3,500 professional traders work for this firm if in a couple of years they can passively receive millions of dollars, because there is 9% per month, and trading with a broker is EASY. Obviously, this is all a marketing ploy to lure the next sucker and mammoth. Don’t be foolish, don’t work with junkyards like Overton Partners. Don’t trust them, it’s not worth it. No need to feed a scammer with your money. Because of this, they continue to rivet their brokerage garbage instead of earning money in an honest way.

  2. The company scammed me for $1,000. I registered an account here, I liked the trading conditions, even though the site is completely in English. By the way, their terminal supports translation into several languages, including Russian. So, I registered an account and applied for a deposit, but applied for $200, since I didn’t have $5,000. There was an idea in my head just to try to apply for a small deposit, maybe it will work and I will be able to talk to a small account. In general, the consultant called, they agreed on $ 1,000, by transferring it through a cue ball, plus I get an experienced trader to help me trade in the market. I’m okay, agreed. Transferred money. We started trading on the same day, the trader asked me to install a remote access program so that he could show various trading strategies on my terminal and how to trade, how to work with stops and takes, and the like. I fell for this move, downloaded, installed, gave access. Well, as a result, he leaked me up to 100 bucks on my terminal. Then he stopped communicating. I called the manager, he said that this was my problem, that transactions, as he sees, were made from my account, that it was my own fault, he constantly directed me to the user agreement. That’s how I lost money at Overton Partners. This is the scam they use. If I told you briefly, in fact, the story will be longer there, but too lazy to write a lot. He spoke in general terms.

  3. If it was a reliable broker, then it would have a license, there would be real legal documents, and not just a copied text of the user agreement and AML & KYC policy. Such companies are required to receive regulation from financial commissions, that is, the activity must be controlled and regulated by the authorities, there must be some third party, independent, who will ensure that the company does not engage in robbery and illegal activities. In addition, there must be real legal documents. By them, I mean registration in a certain jurisdiction, as here for example, this is the British jurisdiction. There must be registration, there must be financial statements confirming the solvency of the company. Overton Partners has none of this, never has, and never will. The office is absolutely illegal, black forex scammer, that’s all you need to know about this game.

  4. Did you notice one interesting thing about Overton Partners? Look at the description of trading accounts, there is such a section as “Minimum guaranteed monthly ROI”. It is translated as the minimum guaranteed monthly yield. That is, the company GUARANTEES a return on investment. And I’ll add, the profitability there on the GOLD tariff is 9%, then 12%, and on the last one in general 15%. That is, in terms of a year, this is 108% -180% per annum, and this is the MINIMUM, that is, it can be more? So, first of all, why the hell do they have the right to GUARANTE profitability? Secondly, what the hell is SUCH a HUGE PERCENTAGE. This immediately suggests that Overton Partners is nothing more than a stupid pyramid scheme combined with a forex kitchen. There simply cannot be any other explanation and conclusion. 180% per annum, this is the uttermost tin, such returns do not happen in nature, precisely guaranteed, that is, in other words, risk-free. In general, the company already looks miserable, and then it guarantees to double and triple your capital in a year. These are crooks and scammers who want to rob you and steal your money.

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