Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews

Services for legal entities
Automotive powers of attorney
Copies of documents
Powers of attorney for citizens
Inheritance of a will
Other services

Moscow, Kuznetsky Most St., 21/5
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2 reviews to “Notary Sivakova Galina Ivanovna reviews”

  1. The level of incompetence displayed by this notary service is truly unbelievable. They managed to ruin my crucial paperwork, causing not only headaches but also financial losses. The mishandling of such important documents is inexcusable, and the deep regret I feel about ever engaging their services serves as a cautionary tale for others.

  2. Avoiding this notary service like the plague is not just a recommendation; it’s a necessity. Their inefficiency, unprofessionalism, and a penchant for critical mistakes are sure to haunt anyone who decides to engage their services. The potential consequences of relying on this notary service make steering clear of them a prudent choice.

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