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Phone: +442030978900

Address: 15 St Botolph St, London EC3A 7BB, UK

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Outstanding technologies

Our clients get perfect trading conditions, great liquidity and low spreads as well. We offer super efficient service with an emphasize on fast execution. Great attention paid to technologies allows Medco Finance Limited to stay ahead of the industry trends. We implement the latest technologies to provide our traders with experience and possibilities they won’t find elsewhere.

Our support does speak your language. We provide in-house live support in many different languages. Our goal is to offer both second to none trading experience and really effective customer support.

Our principles

Our clients are provided with most up-to-date trading platform to trade anytime they want.

At Medco Finance Limited we believe that our customers should have any tools for forex trading which successful traders need.

Our benefits

  • Low commission rates
  • Most efficient technology
  • Completely web-based terminal
  • Smart leverage options
  • Great selection of payment options, fast and reliable
  • Professional market analysis with most recent news

We provide transparent trading conditions to each and every client. Our goal is the success of our customers, so we provide the most customer centric service on the market.

Medco Finance Limited
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3 reviews to “Medco Finance Limited — Review”

  1. Medco Finance Limited is far from a reliable intermediary. This is a serial project in which you are guaranteed to lose your money, since it works without a license and simply impersonates a real company. Don’t do business with these scammers.

  2. This pseudo-broker, in all seriousness, included in one page everything that normal licensed brokers usually paint on dozens of pages. Each section has no more than one paragraph. But the disclaimer is still not forgotten.

  3. Medco Finance Limited is another unregulated broker. He’s just pretending to be a real company. Its main goal is to get the trader to put as much money into the account as possible. Naturally, they will not be returned later.

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