Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( reviews)

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Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches – your path to the style and quality of European cars. Our experts specialize in acquiring cars at Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches and ensuring their delivery to any part of the world. On our website, you will find all the information and support to make the process of buying a car from Europe simple and enjoyable.

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116 thoughts on “Auction of European cars, planes, yachts and watches ( reviews)

  1. I had experience of cooperation with the company, they bought and brought a car without delay, according to the terms specified in the contract!

  2. Hi all! The transaction with the company was successful! In 28 days they bought and delivered my 2021 Mercedes G400 to me. Back to you in a couple of years

  3. I bought a car in Germany while at home at a computer in Riyadh)) telegram negotiations, a contract for the purchase and delivery of a car to my data is also very convenient online.

  4. I bought a Porsche Panamera through this company in November. Options were selected independently on their website. They worked very quickly on our car, all the information provided about the technical condition and mileage was fully consistent, they brought it to Kuwait in 4 weeks

  5. Communicated with the manager in the telegram. I made an advance payment of 30% of the cost and after 28 days the car was delivered to Kuwait. Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thank you so much!

  6. After successful bidding, the car was bought from the auction by the manager of the company. Thanks for the follow up and the process!

  7. Very competent and responsible employees, they completed all the documents quickly, gave clear answers to all our questions, told the terms of the installment plan, everything suited us, we signed the contract. After 29 days, the car was taken away, which we were pleasantly surprised.

  8. For future car owners – do not buy in the markets, buy at auctions – the deal will be honest, be sure – you will save money and nerves. Business success companies.

  9. I am very satisfied with the work with the company! No delays, everything is clear, understandable and polite. I will recommend to all my friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much again

  10. Prices in Europe at car auctions are significantly lower than in Qatar 🇶🇦. I ordered a BMW X6,2021,3.0 Diesel, this car cost me 45.000 Euro. Paid an advance payment of 30% in USDT cryptocurrency. Thank you for the car, delivery is fast-cool!!

  11. Hi all! Machine condition is just perfect, did not even expect, as if from the cabin. It all took about 29 days from the moment of the first contact with the company until the receipt of a fully completed, registered car. I recommend!

  12. In Saudi Arabia, dealers promise to bring in 3 months, and even then on order, at a 100 percent prepayment. Here I ordered a car, paid 30% and 4 weeks later it was already delivered to my city.

  13. I paid in two stages, as it is written in the contract – the first installment is about 30% + delivery and auction fee, the balance has already been paid upon delivery of the car to our city. The car didn’t disappoint!

  14. I have been using the car purchased through the company for a year now, there were no problems. I’ll be back soon for a new car.

  15. For the first time I use the services of a company for the delivery and customs clearance of a car from Europe, I made an order for a Mercedes-Benz GLE53, I am satisfied with the car, the company’s work was done perfectly, there were no delays, the car corresponded to its description and the words of the company.

  16. I left a request on the site with my contact details, after which I spoke with the manager, chose a car and signed a contract! Came to the company on the advice of people. Great company!

  17. Daughter bought a car. Great organization!! Selected, paid without problems. Car photos sent! Answered all questions!! I advise.

  18. Many thanks for the quality work done, patience, endurance and tact. I will also use their services myself, and I will bring friends and relatives.

  19. I’m happy with the car. Special thanks for the promptness, it took less than a month to deliver from Europe to the port of Jeddah. I advise everyone, a serious company.

  20. At the auction, I paid for the car myself on the account of the auction – I saw for myself how much the car cost!

  21. I contacted this company for a Mercedes S580 2022 4.0 Benzin, they worked strictly according to the contract. I liked their approach to work, I will cooperate.

  22. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a quality car at an affordable price! Thanks for your work!

  23. I contacted this company on the recommendation, the result coincided with expectations! Bought an Aston Martin Vantage, 2021 for 94,000 euros.

  24. I am very grateful to the team that helped me with the delivery and the auction fee – everything was organized professionally and quickly. I picked up my car at Jebel Ali port as agreed

  25. I am also very pleased with the car, it turned out to be just perfect for me – roomy, comfortable, reliable. Excellent condition both exterior and interior! LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER,2023 4.4 my purchase.

  26. I studied the company and drew up a contract for the supply of a vehicle remotely and paid 30% of the cost of the car. A week later, the company’s employees provided me with the desired car. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the rest of the payment for the car

  27. I found my car in their catalog on their website. Always wanted a Lamborghini Urus. I bought her. Mileage 2.650km. Together with the delivery of the auction fee, I paid 305,000 € for the car

  28. Many thanks for the clearly and competently done work. Well done guys! Good luck and success! Thank you!!! I recommend.

  29. The company is honest. Transparent and the guys work openly. Bought a Mercedes G63. Auto in life is even better than expected. Waited a little over 4 weeks. Thank you for your work, you are beautiful!

  30. I am satisfied with the purchase, the price is below our market and very fast delivery. I recommend to everyone

  31. We were very pleased with the pleasant cooperation in all respects! Thank you very much! Now we pay by installments, we think to pay faster than it is written in the contract.

  32. Yes, well done guys delivered an almost new Mercedes-Benz G63 from Europe, fast delivery. The contract was completed on time. I recommend!

  33. Very responsible team! An excellent manager worked with me, I was satisfied with his work – I received clear instructions and recommendations. If necessary, I will contact him!

  34. This company has an excellent reputation and extensive experience. I trusted them with my purchase and they didn’t let me down – they really know their stuff

  35. I had no previous experience with this company but my first experience was so positive that I intend to return for all my future car needs.

  36. Satisfied with the purchase, like many others) Excellent company, honest, brought after a test drive PORSCHE 911,2022,3.8 1.238km. It cost less than ours at times) friends are also interested)

  37. As usual, I buy cars at auction! This time they brought Mercedes-Benz S580. Everything went well, the car is registered. I recommend! I signed a contract remotely and paid for my car with a SWIFT transfer.

  38. I enjoyed the experience of interacting with the company. Everything was clear and straightforward. Their manager sent me a contract to sign, and I returned it along with the initial payment. Everything went smoothly. Before shipping the car to the Jebel Ali port, I paid the remaining amount. Yesterday, I received my PORSCHE 911. Many thanks!

  39. The order was completed, in full, the car came, everything is as it should. You need to set aside 4 weeks. Initially, the announced cost did not change, the payment was a SWIFT transfer.

  40. The manager describes in detail all the stages of work, and the contract is quite transparent. I quickly bought the car from the auction. In general, I am waiting for delivery from day to day, they are being transported by container ship to the port of Jeddah.

  41. Today we took the second car bought with the help of the company, I recommend it. a competent electronic contract, prepayment, purchase, delivery, payment for the purchase upon receipt of the car – everything is at the highest level! thanks!

  42. I went to their website, chose the model I was interested in, signed a contract, and paid. Delivery took about a month, which was very fast, logisticians were always in touch.

  43. I bought a car at an auction and 4 weeks later it was waiting for me at the port of Casablanca in Morocco. Before loading onto the ship, I paid the remaining amount for my Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

  44. I have been a customer of this company for several years, and I like everything. This is my second car that I bought from them. I especially like their attitude towards customers.

  45. Based on the experience of purchasing used cars from Europe, I can safely say that this is a company that supplies cars from official dealers and leasing companies, and for me it will be in first place in terms of the quality of service and the degree of customer awareness about the car.

  46. I liked both the price and the Mercedes GLE53 car itself on the company’s website. I didn’t hesitate for long, contacted the company’s representative, and we processed the contract. I’ve already picked up the car, and I’m satisfied with everything!

  47. I arranged a installment plan for the car, paid 40% of the car’s cost, sent the documents, and the contract with my signature. The contract is for a year, but I plan to settle it earlier.

  48. The company was very professional and prompt, they sent me photos and transport documents and I made the final payment before sending the car to Jeddah.

  49. The cars here are all of high quality and the prices are an order of magnitude lower than in the markets. bought a MERCEDES-BENZ S450,2018 37000€.

  50. When I made an advance payment, I already mentally imagined myself behind the wheel. Of the shortcomings – we almost missed the deadline, and then because of the work of the port. Excellent office.

  51. I received my car 4 weeks after payment and it was in perfect condition. In addition, I received professional support and assistance at every stage of the process, which was very valuable to me.

  52. An excellent company, they helped with paperwork, paid 30% for the purchase of a car, paid the rest of the amount for a car before loading it on a ship and sending it to my port.

  53. The owner doesn’t see the point in discussing them. There are no flaws, and the prestige of the timepieces is well known to all watch enthusiasts, especially the affluent ones. I am completely satisfied with my choice!

  54. I enjoyed purchasing a car through the company; everything was fair, as my collaboration experience showed. The car was bought on the second day after signing the contract.

  55. We bought a Mercedes through this company in October. We selected options ourselves but promptly received reports on the car’s condition. They worked very efficiently on the car; all the provided information on the technical condition and mileage was accurate. It was delivered in 4 weeks!

  56. The purchase was made entirely online, and I really liked it! Bought a Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The car was delivered to the port of Jebel Ali in the UAE in four weeks; I picked up the car there.

  57. Hello everyone! Bought an Audi RSQ8 2022 4.0 Benzin, fully equipped! The car arrived in Saudi Arabia within 28 days, as specified in the contract. Thanks for the car!

  58. I have been familiar with the company for quite some time. I bought my previous car here through their website. It is evident that the service is growing and developing.

  59. I purchased the Richard Mille High Performance Chronometer model. It has an elegant and stylish design suitable for any occasion. Additionally, it features a chronograph function, making it even more convenient and practical.

  60. I am very pleased that I chose this company to purchase my car, and I feel confident and satisfied on the roads of Qatar. Their professionalism and excellent service truly deserve praise.

  61. I remotely processed the contract, handled the rest of the documents, and paid the initial deposit (they charged me 30%). I picked up the car, and it was in perfect condition, just like in the photos. Expect me with a new order again!

  62. The company has been transporting cars for several years now. With their assistance, I bought an Audi SQ7 2022 4.0, and the condition of the car is excellent.

  63. Excellent company, well-organized work! I waited for my Ferrari 812 for 4 weeks. I personally went to the Jebel Ali port and picked up the car from the ship. Everything was great!

  64. The car was delivered very quickly, it took me a little more than 4 weeks from the moment of payment to its delivery.

  65. The possibility of remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer significantly saved my time and effort on the purchase. The delivery deadlines, whether by container ship, were precisely adhered to. I am very pleased with the deal and can recommend them for cooperation.

  66. I bought my first car and am very pleased with the quality of service provided by the company I worked with. The payment for the car was divided into two parts: 30% was paid upfront, and the remaining amount was paid after the purchase and shipment of the car to the port. This was very convenient for me. I received quality service and an excellent car. I recommend this company to everyone!

  67. Having received the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount for the car. Everything was honest and transparent

  68. Paid 30% of the advance payment and the rest of the amount after the purchase and sending the car to the port. Flexible payment terms.

  69. Payment for the car was made only after providing me with all the necessary transport documents and confirmation of readiness for loading onto the ship.

  70. I bought a Land Rover Defender, 2022, 3.0 with 4111km mileage. for 58,000 euros. Prices in Europe are lower than in Dubai. The ship with my car arrived in 29 days! Thanks to all!

  71. I bought a car at the beginning of the year. For all the time that ezdiyu generally no problems with the car nebylo. Bought a 2020 Porsche Panamera.

  72. I have no questions about the work of these people. Everything was done clearly, politely and on time. Naturally, I will continue to cooperate with you.

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