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Phone: 8 800 200-06-76, +7 495 128-98-90

Address: uite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

About company:

NPBFX has been providing brokerage services to clients in the FOREX currency market since 1996. Until 2016, private traders and corporate clients were serviced on behalf of a bank licensed by the Bank of Russia (Nefteprombank JSC). At the beginning of 2016, a rebranding and transfer of private client services to the international company NPBFX Limited with an IFSC license was carried out. The bank continues servicing corporate clients.
In the period from 1996 to 2006, the company primarily served clients in the HNWI/UHNWI segment. In 2006, the company introduced the NPBTrader Internet trading platform, connected via a proprietary bridge to liquidity providers in the interbank market. Thus, the company has become one of the first retail brokers to serve clients exclusively on STP/NDD technology using a brokerage business model that excludes conflicts of interest with clients.
In 2011, the company began serving clients through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The platform is connected to a liquidity aggregator that allows you to transfer client transactions to Tier 1 banks.
The NPBFX service portfolio contains offers for almost any category of clients:
private traders with classic trading strategies;
algorithmic traders, HFT traders, scalpers;
traders who need to provide liquidity for large trading volumes;
institutional clients and partners: brokerage companies, hedge funds and corporate clients;
traders with individual needs.
In 2016, NPBFX was awarded the status of a member of the Financial Commission category A, the amount of the compensation fund was increased to $20,000 per client.
Currently, NPBFX serves clients from different regions of the world and operates in accordance with international standards of good business conduct in the financial services markets.

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11 reviews to “«NPBFX» — Review”

  1. I’m with NPB recently and went to their Black Friday promotion. Got and trade bonus and as many as 60 more tickets! It turned out that to the participants of the action, the tickets are tripled. I had not read about it in the conditions and it was therefore a surprise to me. It means that in the action of 25 years of NPB the chance to win is tripled. Someone won a gold bar, someone won a car, and I hope I will be lucky.

  2. NPBFX broker is stable without any jokes or unpredictability, and that is the biggest plus. The Expert account allows excellent manual pipsing without any problems for more than a year.
    Of course I want even lower spreads for manual pipsing, but these ones are ok as well. I have a good understanding that this is a real Interbank Broker with the best trading conditions on the market. I have a very good understanding that almost none of the brokers have that. We are not a licensed broker, as it is so popular nowadays. The experience of NPBFX since 1996 says that hardly anything will happen to the company. The more it is visible, that the broker only develops from year to year.

  3. Great groups of contracts for metals and energy. Crypto is well represented and the conditions are better than on the exchange. NPB Forex is great!

  4. Greetings to all reading.
    I want to bring to your attention an extremely negative experience of working with this “office”!

    So, just the facts:
    Personal account # 170472
    Trading account : 155371

    To simplify understanding the essence of the deception, I will write in a simplified version:
    1 – The first deposit of $ 100 + traded bonus (which participates in the drawdown) of $50 was lost.
    2 – The second and third deposit was similar.
    3 – On the third. deposit ( $100 + $50 ) after trading on the account turned out $250. Of them according to the terms of the bonus program (in case of bonus withdrawal) I can withdraw $100 of my own and $100 of my earnings. 50 $ takes back the office, because I have not traded them.

    4 – The manager of this “office” said that I can not withdraw in the !!! FULL !!! amount of their earned $ 100, because I am “hanging” two more Unearned bonus for the ! FIRST TWO POINTS !!! in the amount of $ 100. That is, in fact traded $100 dollars is their money. Although in the terms and conditions. The program clearly states that everything traded in excess of their funds (not including the bonus) is withdrawn in full.
    5 – I asked to show me clause in the conditions of the promotion which says that the bonuses are summed up and at the subsequent replenishments are withheld at withdrawal (if not traded). Such a point simply does not exist).
    6 – That is, if you took a bonus you automatically fall into the debtors on subsequent replenishments.

  5. I trade crypto and everything is clean here. All the movements are normal and you can always close a deal quickly! Faster than on the exchange, it is felt. March 29 bitcoin pulled to 48k, I will not mention how much I raised on three good positions, money likes silence…Specifically for broker NPBFX I will say that he is all with The market, which was in the plus, I gave to my Tether. Now such times and such inflation that only trading is relevant and crypto is the favorite here. NPBFX is well suited for the most ambitious goals. I use the maximum leverage available for crypto at 1:5, and trade only cryptocurrencies with high capitalization – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, rarely Ripple.
    Execution at 10 points!
    Who trades crypto daily, come NPBFX you really will love it!

  6. I’m not going to pour water on it, no one is interested in it. I will briefly highlight the advantages and disadvantages of NPBFX.
    The advantages:
    – The profits;
    – low appetite for commissions and spreads;
    – good leverage – up to 1000;
    – fast execution of orders;
    – insurance of 20,000 euros;
    – banking history of 26 years (Nefteprombank);
    – The choice of convenient payments;
    – different groups of instruments.
    – small selection of crypto instruments;
    – withdrawal from the account is not instant.

  7. I traded at NPBFX back in 2020. But then it was more like a hobby. The activity was low. This year I decided to get more serious about it. I was just in I was on vacation in the country, read the classics of Russian literature at my pleasure and traded heavily on MT4. Somehow it went smoothly and in three days I have recorded on the balance 1140 $, then another 500 during the trading week. On joy I sent two requests for withdrawal. I messaged the manager in Telegram to keep in mind my applications. To In the morning the money has already come for both of them. I am delighted with the broker and the profits! I have made a conclusion that it is necessary to trade more often and to devote more time to study trading.

  8. Nefteprom (NPBFX) has no disadvantages. No disadvantages at all. The colossal experience_ from 1996 are open, transparent work_ documents on services, the license, guarantees on insurance of non-payment on 20 000 euro on the client. MT4 terminal, with the possibility of pipsing, robots. The spread is floating ≈ 0.5_1.5 on the major group, orders are processed through the STP gateway, the price does not slide. No deposit fees at all. Only pluses! Thanks to all the staff for organizing services.

  9. The specifics of their withdrawal is simple — everything is in accordance with the regulations. What you earned, you withdrew. They don’t withhold anything extra, but they don’t add anything either. Made a request — withdrawn.

  10. The broker, though with a history, but I learned about it recently. I accidentally saw the advertisement on the forum and clicked on it. I started with cent accounts, then I looked at them and decided to open an STPTER account. I started with LiteForex, then I decided to open STP MASTER account which offers more bonuses and better trading conditions. I am still working with my broker, I am still waiting for the right broker to open my account.

  11. I wanted to write an extended review, but I’m lazy. I recommend the company, taking into account all the pros and cons. They do not try to extort money from the client, no one interferes in trading. I have been working with them for 2 years and I know what I am talking about. The more so that you can check all the facts yourself, it is better to open an account and try to trade, in fact you can enter with a small amount, only 10 bucks.

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