Notary German Krasnov reviews

Here is a list of the main services that you can receive by contacting German Krasnov:

  • Document Certification: A notary will confirm the authenticity of your documents and signatures, making them legally binding.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: Assist in the development and review of various types of contracts, including purchase and sale transactions, leases, loans and others.
  • Inheritance issues: Assistance in registering an inheritance and resolving related issues.
  • Family Law: Providing services on registration of marriage contracts, divorces, adoptions and other family matters.
  • Notarial certificates and certifications: Preparation of notarial certificates, certification of the correctness of documents and signatures, as well as provision of other notarial services.
+7 (495) 921‒16‒35
Moscow, Yauzskaya, 8 st2, 2nd floor
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2 reviews to “Notary German Krasnov reviews”

  1. The notary made a typo in my name on the documents, and now I have to deal with correcting this mistake.

  2. I was late for an appointment due to the notary not arriving at work on time. It ruined my plans for the entire day.

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