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Address: Champion House (Formerly Salisbury House), Stephensons Way, Derby, DE21 6LY, England

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Car buying made easy

At Motorpoint, buying a car is simple. We only do nearly new cars and nobody beats us on price. That’s a promise.

We only sell nearly new, and our cars are all under warranty – so peace of mind comes as standard. And with a range of makes and models to choose from, you’re sure to find one within your budget.

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. With finance options that put you in the driving seat and award-winning customer care before and after you buy, we’ll make sure you drive away happy.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our cars or find out more about us below.

2.8 based on 6 reviews

6 reviews to “Motorpoint — Review”

  1. You see an advert on tv for fully safe & numerous checks on a used car… come and buy….. DONT. I purchased a car from motorpoint end of November, January problems started… the steering would veer to the other side of the road. Had my tracking done at a tyre specialist who said it wasn’t the tracking it is an issue with the car and to contact where I got it from. So I did, only to be told by a snotty woman that it’s out of the 30days from purchase and as the car goes through 100 checks before it gets to me she ‘highly doubts’ there was a problem. Right ok. I contacted warranty which I paid extra for. Who booked it into an impartial garage that they recommended. After 2 weeks it’s still in that same garage. He can’t fix it, a network of over 500 mechanics can’t fix it. Everything that has been suggested has been tried and hasn’t worked. Not only this on inspection of the car the ABS system was faulty and it had 2 leaks from underneath the car. He claimed it obviously had not been safety checked and I should return the car. He is helping me and I am trying to get motorpoint to have the car back which under the law they should. According to the law as it is less than 6 months since purchase the dealer is liable for the car unless they can prove otherwise. I have spoke to them and they have no proof the car was checked before sale. The woman I am dealing with is useless. She hasn’t helped me at all and just keeps fobbing me off. According to the law it’s the seller who should repair it, they have paid the mechanic £700 for the investigation so far and have agreed that they can’t do anymore for the car. So now I am trying to get them to have it back, while also paying a finance company for the car, paying insurance, and also taxis to get my children to school and me to work. It’s ridiculous. DONT EXPECT ANY HELP IF IT GOES WRONG. They want me to resell them the car but will only buy it back knowing the condition it’s in that it’s completely broke. They sold me a dodgy car, a faulty car, and they mis sold me a safe car for my kids which obviously is not a safe car. The mechanic said it was dangerous to drive and he wouldn’t let me drive up the road let alone to oldbury to give it back! I have a new born baby who I have been driving round in this car! I need this resolving!!!

  2. A word of warning do not buy their expensive extended car warranty, the claims company are based outside the UK around the prague area,they will find all the small print, and take the wording out of context so they can reject a genuine claim. Please you have been warned

  3. Took delivery of a mini clubman jcw last month, car is perfect, very good condition inside and bodywork .. Sale went smooth, we didn’t see the car in person before delivery so was a bit apprehensive. Couple of issues though, car had a health check at bmw mini a week after we got delivery. 1 tyre needed replacing as cut through to cord, also advised we need new pads within the next 1500 miles.. Now for a £23k car that’s not the best, I appreciate they are slightly over the legal limit but would have appreciated them being done before selling to us, so all in all within a few months of owning the car we will have had a £500 bill for tyre and pads . Also charged £99 for delivery when website clearly states free delivery. So as much as we love the car it’s put a bit of a dampener on it which is a shame.

  4. Just want to say the advisor at this branch went above and beyond helping me try find the right car. I would not hesitate calling him again when changing vehicles. Hassle free 5 star service

  5. Things unchecked on this car air/ pollen filter not changed cars are supposed to be checked prior to hand over.We have bought 4 cars from motorpoint but dissapointed this time and now hill start assist showing a fault i could go on but motorpoint have let me down big time we have been reffered to a 3rd party warranty company where as before our last car we took back to glasgow to be fixed got a coutesey car 2 days later car sorted dropped of courtesey car but all has changed.I recomended motorpoint as they have been excellent up to now but not so sure now

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