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Cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has been operating since 2018. Registered in the Seychelles. Supports trading in over one hundred coins and derivatives. MEXC Global charges a 0.2% taker and maker fee for transactions. Margin trading is available with a maximum leverage of 1:125. The exchange also includes services for P2P exchange. The trading platform is implemented in the form of mobile and desktop applications.

MEXC Global
1.9 based on 13 reviews

13 reviews to “MEXC Global — Review”

  1. The stock market company called Mexc Global said that their members who make 2000 dollars volume will be paid 10 mx, but they cancel the event even though I have 2000 dollars volume and they are hurting many people like me who attend the event. Not to mention the commissions we pay for the transactions.

  2. Great exchange, offers a wide variety of alts and is by far the best exchange for leveraged tokens (ETFs). Had no issues depositing and withdrawing so far. Fees are low and this exchange is easy top 10 in future.

  3. trash trash …. they restricted the account and .. im still wating 4 hours to use it …. and they ask ffor to many things …. hope in the end ill be able to acces my money in the end

  4. They disabled XCH and you can’t do anything

    Be careful if you made deposit of high amounts of money, because they can do “MAINTENANCE” like they did with XCH Chia and it’s been in “MAINTENANCE” for weeks already…

    I thought this exchange was better but it’s poor experience. They keep your money because of maintenance for WEEKS. I don’t have my XCH after 3 weeks.

  5. Fake coins list every day on MEXC and they show fake gain percentages. For example, the performance of a newly listed coin on MEXC is bearish but their app will show it fraudulently Bullish with more than 1000% gain. I lose huge money on MEXC. Fraudulent Exchange!

  6. I have been using MEXC for awhile now and to be frank it is the only exchange that has helped me survived the bear. They have listed low market cap tokens that has debuted including $SHIB and $TARI which I was able to make generous profits. Plus their events, all I can is 5 stars. It has been my practice to join their events for every listing coz I know it is going to give me opportunites to make profits.

  7. I do not recommend using this platform! my account is completely new, topped up with money from card. My account is frozen after top up. I received an email: Hello, your account has triggered risk control alarm. Please provide the bank card for payment of the recent three-month bank statement. Please hold the bank card in hand (please cover some numbers), and the photo of the your ID. W*F?!?! OK, I gave them what they asked for,BUT they want even more, more information and data, they lie to me that it is not suitable. office of liars and frauds! I think they want to use my data for another purpose!!!!!! If unfrezen my account I will delete post.

  8. Pretty sure this company is a scam. I tried to make an initial deposit and the money never showed up. They did take the money from my external account. The customer service agents all give a different response, and finally one just said to contact your bank.

  9. MEXC made changes on the copytrading platform while we were using it resulting in thousands of dollars lost because of those changes….. they never gave us a straight answer to what has happened and they are not giving the money back

  10. Do not, I repeat… DO NOT send funds by bank transfer to this CEX. Your money will be missing and it’ll take you a month and 2 packs of paracetamol to get it back. Customer service is just a fancy name for ‘we’ll screw you over and over with copy paste answers but are too dumb to resolve the issue’.

    In case you forgot: DO NOT send funds by wire transfer (SEPA/SWIFT) to this CEX.

  11. I’ve been using MEXC since 2019 back. Till now, I have yet to face any trading execution or withdrawal problem. According to the CMC, the CEX has the most trading volume compared to other CEXs. It runs many profitable events, including M-Day, and Exclusive Referral Events. Where users can participate easily and can earn decent profits for free. Traders can long and short any coins or token by ETF trading. MEXC is a user-friendly platform, and its support team is helpful and supportive. The platform won the title of the best crypto exchange in Asia at the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. In short, MEXC is the most trusted and secured CEX besides a perfect CEX in all things and suitable for every trader to trade there easily.

  12. This is just another elaborate hoax on a large scale. I would ask that you to remain vigilant and stay well away from doing business with those shameless people! I lost a lot of money to them and I would have never gotten it back if not for CHAIÑ VAÛLT TECHNOLOGY. They are dishonest.

  13. Biggest freaking scam, you can take same exact position on mexc and another broker, mexc will liquidate you at -50 to -60% loss and other broker won’t. I tried this, on other broker I came out with win after it came back, on mexc they robbed me.


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