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Telephone: +357 25 313540 / +357 25 313541

Address: 89, Vasileos Georgiou Street, 1st Floor, Office 101, Potamos Germasogeias, 4048 Limassol, Cyprus

About company:

FBS is an international brand represented in the EU by Tradestone Limited under the business name FBS.
Independent companies united under the FBS brand are devoted to their clients and offer them opportunities to trade Margin FX and ᏟᖴᎠs. FBS always shares knowledge through free seminars, special events, educational materials and daily analytics. In addition, 24/5 customer support quickly resolves incoming issues. The average response time is incredible – less than 1 minute per request!

Traders (new and experienced) may benefit from cutting-edge trading tools and some of the best trading conditions. Clients can make deposits and withdrawals via the various payment systems, use a large number of trading instruments and access split-second execution of trades.

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9 reviews to “FBS — Review”

  1. They are totally doing scam with everyone now and i have opened My first Level up free bonus account of 140$ but you see what i see they show me that your lot size increases day by day and application of FBS shows that but in MT5 this Lot size always remains 0.01. i contacted with support team but they even seems not need to give reply.

  2. My acount is 250614495
    Been with them for almost 3years now, but just this september 2, my withdrawal of total of 700 usd was not yet credited in my card. I’ve provided them my bank statement but all they say was it completely process in there end. They insist of ARN to be relayed to my bank but my bank doesn’t recognise their provided ARN. My bank requested them certificate or proof for the refund but all they provide is ARN which is not recognise or cannot be used by bank for checking and verification.


  3. Scammers
    D0n’t trust this platf0rm called FBS. They t00k all my hard earn m0ney and bl0ck my acc0unt but I file my rep0rt t0 Trad erep0rt. 0rg and all 0f my funds was rec0up

  4. How All I provided ltc address become invalid address?? for example I use trustwallet, metamask, kucoin, okx, safepal, faucetpay,and other this all wallet address are invalid,🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 generally this broker is scam and I recommend using exness and other please stay away from this broker if u need ur money.

    New update update
    My withdrawal is lastly successful completed after 8 hours. Customer support is bad & they don’t understand But thank you and I will never use this platform.

  5. Fbs is a scam. Please stay away, never try to trade news with this broker you will loose your money before even the news occurs. They destroyed me two time and in both times I was right about the direction, manipulating the spread like hell. Be careful 🙄

  6. FBS is a total scam platform i lost huge amount of money due to their unprofessional trade thankfully a recovery company help recovered all my lost funds successfully back to me
    Assetr eco u p. org

  7. They are total unprofessional platform …
    Total unprofessional platform they are designed to scam.
    They ask me to send credit card infos to withdraw my money, and then I forgot to hide the CVV numbers when I sent them, and I was bombarded days after somebody trying to buy things with my credit card. I never sent CC details to somebody else or to any other platform.
    Then I contacted the bank to block my own card for some days as I was receving numerous 3D SMS.
    Some days after I again unblocked my card and I started again to get those 3D SMS, vut as they saw that they are not having success, after some days I was free…
    Just stay away from them if you want to be safe…

  8. So many negative reviews about FBS. Could all these traders here be lying? It’s very discouraging to have multiple negative reviews about a broker. Unfortunately, I will not be investing so I’m out.

  9. This FBS has turned from an angel to devilish broker from moment last year they closed their FBS COPYTRADE platform. It was clear they decided to go ruthless& wicked. My trade yesterday they manipulated the chart (cos I evaluate my market signals using another broker chart that’s more explicit and coherent before opening trades in FBS) first, after I deposited capital into my FBS account, suddenly my account refreshed automatically by itself, I quickly understood that sign that FBS just lunched a fraudulent script into my trading account I started watching to see how it ll manifest in my account operations, I understood because I have seen this in other fraud brokers like DERIV too!,when it was time my evaluation chart has entered profit area, the FBS chart was instead increasing towards the loss direction which made me loose about 60% of my capital. Then I lost my peace, I closed all running trade with the fake losses… I’m ordering my balance withdrawal right away. New users RUN AWAY from FBS💔💔💔💔💔

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