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About company:

We sincerely believe in the continuous improvement of the quality of trading.
We have created a proven trading platform with an excellent platform and conditions in which investors can hone their trading skills and become even more successful.
Human approach
We have removed the boundaries between institutional and private investors, making the trading process more enjoyable for everyone and providing all clients with a high standard of quality.
Education and analytics
Our top priority is to enable our clients to make more informed trading decisions based on numerous educational materials and market analysis tools.
Full transparency
Access the world’s most popular financial instruments, from currencies and stocks to indices and commodities, with the most honest pricing and execution.
Customer interests always come first
Whatever problem you have, our multilingual customer service will be happy to help you. You can contact us by phone, email or chat during market hours.

Cauvo Capital
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  1. Scam. When you lose money and want to try the famous chargeback for a refund, it turns out that all your money went to the cards of individuals, and it is impossible to make a refund through the bank. CauvoCapital are not as stupid as they seem, they are insured against such situations, however, like all other scams. Here only to the police or the court, and that’s not a fact

  2. These are the next scammers who are trying to breed the poor people, supposedly for additional income, but only they earn, and we all remain in full zh..e. Be careful and don’t see each other for easy money!!!

  3. CauvoCapital is an international broker that offers everyone to profitably invest in currencies, stocks and commodities.
    Yep, right now!!! This is a real scam that makes people waste time, and most importantly MONEY. DO NOT fall for their divorce. Take care of your health and nerves.

  4. I am surprised. Does anyone still believe in easy money? Yes, this is a clean water divorce, people, well, when will you start thinking, what do you need your head for? Are you bored? first look for where to lose, then think how to get it back ??

  5. CauvoCapital is a SCAM, don’t get involved in any way!! Just another scam, you will not see any money there, you will lose the last!

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