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Forex authority in the cryptocurrency market

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders.

Bull Fighters history

Bull Fighters was first launched in 2010 and was created to provide the best trading conditions and trading tools for forex and cryptocurrency traders. We are constantly working on the quality of Bull Fighters and working with experienced teams of traders from around the world. As a result of constant work on itself, Bull Fighters has become a fast growing company and a global trademark, which it is to this day.

Company vision

Time is the most expensive resource. And knowledge is strength and possibilities. Our mission is to effectively evaluate the time of our traders in the fast growing, flexible financial markets and use this time with the help of knowledge to the maximum benefit. Invest wisely. Our passion is to get the most out of our investment and improve our results every time.

Bull Fighters
2.8 based on 8 reviews

8 reviews to “Bull Fighters — Review”

  1. BullFighters is not like a professional dealing desk. The official site is made crooked and for free: fonts that run over each other, a lot of contradictions, a lot of water, probably 90% of the information on the site does not carry any semantic load, there are many unproven facts, for example, about profitability and safety. How can it be profitable here if the company does not even disclose trading conditions in detail? In general, bullshit, not a broker.

  2. I want to thank the managers of Bull Fighters. Thanks to several employees with whom I communicated and continue to communicate, asking for advice, asking for help from them. Only professionals who really know the financial markets and technical issues, who can clearly and understandably explain any information and convey it to the trader, really work here. Thank you for your professionalism. I earn money here, at least $ 1000 / month, and sometimes more.

  3. At first, I didn’t have an iron-clad confidence that Bull Fighters was a safe place to keep a deposit and therefore trade on the stock exchange with leverage. But then I analyzed the activities of the company, found several people who worked with this company and threw me proof that everything is fine here, that they receive money consistently, that it’s real to earn money here, and that in general trading conditions are no worse than those of similar brokerage companies . Then almost trust was created, I opened an account, gradually began to work for small amounts. Over time, I made test conclusions, after successfully receiving money, I added more money to the deposit balance. That’s how it actually grew. During the year I worked out, and now I have reached a deposit of $ 10,000, full confidence in the company. Now I checked it, I can say that this is a safe place. Now I trade calmly in general, I sleep normally, as the broker copes well with its task. There are no questions for him.

  4. I do not advise trading with BullFighters, because this is an incomprehensible office that does not have a reputation as a trusted intermediary, which has no name and has not been created, has not been pumped up with a personal brand. I have never heard of such a platform before, but I know many other brokers, including British ones, that have been operating for 10-15 or more years. Even if you look at the reviews about the company on the Internet, then everything falls into place – a continuous negative, complaints, problems with the withdrawal of funds, problems with quotes, and the like. People do nothing but slander this company. I don’t think that they would write about a normal and trusted broker in this style. This happens only with a 100% illegal broker. On account of illegality, by the way. They do not have a license from the Central Bank of Russia, which means that the company operates illegally in Russia. And the fact that its official website has not yet been blocked in Runet only means that the company is still quite fresh, and its name has not reached the regulator, but as soon as it does, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation will instruct Roskomnadzor to block access to the domain, and it will in turn will give the order to do this to the operators. You will see, after some time the site will be blocked if it has not already been blocked while I am writing this review.

  5. So, regarding the benefits, here’s what I would highlight. First, multiple trading platforms. It’s actually a handy thing. Who is tired of the already familiar metatrader, you can use a web trader, or Status, and vice versa, who do not like the less popular terminals, you can always use a more well-known metatrader. Secondly, interesting tariff plans with rich additional functionality. These are training courses and support from a personal manager, this is the ability to open transactions by phone, this is a demo account for testing and training, these are bonuses for those who really know how to scroll them competently, this is also fresh analytics that helps to trade more consistently on the market . Thirdly, it is a stable withdrawal of funds. Moreover, the regulation here is small, there are simply a huge number of ways to replenish and withdraw funds. Not once did they give me a hindrance to withdraw.

  6. Many points regarding this broker have come into question. Firstly, when you click on the icons of social networks, for some reason the trading terminal pops up. Secondly, how can there be ECN, NDD, if the broker does not even have a license from the FCA. No liquidity provider will operate a kitchen without a license. Thirdly, the term of work from 2010 is indicated, but the document is from 2022. Fourthly, the leverage is either 1:500 or 1:1000. Fifthly, asset classes are either only forex + crypto, then stocks and metals are also added here. And for some reason, just futures are indicated, but you can’t just have futures, it must be a futures for something, for example, goods or crypto.

  7. Bull Fighters is only gaining popularity. They would still connect an affiliate program, although it may exist, but I did not find anything on the site. Otherwise, everything is super here – and the spreads are low, and the commissions depend on the volume of trade, and there is an mt-th platform, and all the assets.

  8. You cannot trade and work with such intermediaries, because with a high degree of probability these are fraudulent companies that will not disdain to cheat you for money. And even if today this sharashka withdraws money, there are no guarantees that she will do it tomorrow.

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