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Bitfinex – the exchange has been operating since 2012. In terms of the volume of trading transactions with cryptocurrency, it occupies the fourth position in the world ranking. Supports 133 currencies, three of which are fiats (EUR, USD, JPY). The platform offers margin trading with a leverage of 1:3, as well as OTC trades and trading based on derivatives. For transactions, Bitfinex takes a commission of 0.02-0.2%, depending on the total amount of trades made by the trader. Topping up the balance with cryptocurrencies is free, with fiats – 0.1%.

3.8 based on 10 reviews

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  1. I see so many negative things being said about Bitfinex and i can only assume that these people either don’t know the exchange or don’t even use it. Bitfinex has kept a good relationship with their traders, being transparent in their future advances and changes, and sticking to a MO that really shows what an exchange should be: Loyal to it’s customers and a place that you’d WANT to trade in. They will persevere these waves of hate (Something they’ve done in the past already) and rise up to continue to be one of the top tier exchanges on the market.

  2. i want you to deal with my problem! it’s been 10 days since i created a bitcoin withdrawal ticket! you do not translate them! your support is not responding! verification fails! i will be forced to appeal to all possible forums to write about my problem! about how you work badly and badly relate to your customers! i will display the posts about your exchange!
    support ticket opened [#736861]
    12534993 withdrawal id

  3. Total nightmare trading on Bitfinex for 1.5 years. It’s a fishy exchange with heavily manipulated prices and withdrawal was impossible. And more and more traders felt Bitfinex actually trade against you. It means you will lose money for sure. Stay away! Try any other exchanges but Bitfinex

  4. Taking over a week to be verified was surely surprising, but it’s a small price to pay for the tools that Bitfinex offers. Don’t let the fake negative reviews scare you, their staff is very professional and are eager to help if you need it.

  5. Only gave 1 star because I couldn’t take any away for a negative rating….which is exactly what they did all the way up to $500 dollars fee after fee….after I even asked twice if there were anymore fee’s….finally when $500 dollars was reached my account was deleted….but for another $50 it can be reinstated….biggest bunch of strong armed crooks i ever dealt with…there constant response was just pay the fee so the profits can start…..lies bullpoop

  6. Wonderful service from Emma.

    I could not get into my account anymore because of an old email address and a missing 2FA backup.

    Emma helped me with all the details and documents needed for a reset. She was very friendly and clear.

    Thanks again!

  7. Really fast and effective support from Bitfinex. I had a problem receiving e-mail notifications because of an outdated PGP setup and they found the problem in a fast and very precise way, offering valid alternatives for a solution. This is how support is supossed to work, even on a Sunday night.

  8. Whilst I have always had a prompt answer from Bitfinex, I was particularly impressed with Adam Butler in my interactions with him around liquidations. He did everything I think an elite sales person would do, provide the information, explain it clearly (not just send a link) and even come back to me at one point saying “please give me some time to reply as it will take a while to put this together”. My experience has never been bad but this was exceptional.

  9. I was a bit confused with how the trading app worked, and I asked support. My experience was simply amazing: in 5 minutes I had a reply from support, and after providing a screenshot of my issue, I had my issue solved. Hands down the BEST support available among all crypto exchanges I tried (and I tried many!) Definitely recommended!

  10. Bitfinex is an excellent Platform and the Customer Support Team offers an Excellent Customer Service! Always prompt reply and spot on support and assistance. I’m really grateful to the Bitfinex Customer Support Team (especially Marc lately), as their fast and knowledgeable assistance offer the peace of mind that whatever is the issue, always there is a prompt solution. Well Done!

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