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  1. can’t withdraw 600 pounds eventhough they took my money from the same card, they havent really helped through their poor customer service and i feel my money is now lost for ever

  2. Very easy to fund accounts and make swing trades but I have been on the chat numerous times to withdraw my own money and each time they say i have to wait a minimum of 10 DAYS!! appalling

  3. It used to be maybe the best exchange, but after seeing quite many red flags in the media later + having some issues with withdrawing my USDC I have decided to look for another trading platform.

  4. Really a user friendly platform platform I remember I started use the app several years ago, but it is still good as it was earlier. Highly recommended!

  5. CZ is definitely on of the most powerful men in the world you can’t take that away from him, his platform is setting the crypto space pace too.

  6. It is easy to transfer them your money. Horrendous fees though.
    Transfering it back is impossible. Extreme fees again though.
    I tried many times in a financial emergency situation to transfer my money bàck to my account. They do not let me. My money is gone.
    Very high criminal energy. Stay away from these crooks

  7. Binance is the best platform in the world. Safe platform and good services. Thank you very much, the Binance team. ID 165137571

  8. It´s seems Binance is running out of funds.
    I have the same problem that many of you wrote here. The customer service is the worst that I ever had in my life. I´m not able to withdraw my funds, despite I went through all the KYC procedures.
    7 hours getting different responses in the customer chat and you can´t solve the problem. Don´t lose your time and money on this Exchange, there are much better exchanges that provide a better customer service.

  9. one of the best crypto app . but it was lengthy process when you deposit and withdraw can refer and earn crypto rewards.

  10. since 09.2022 I have been waiting to receive my binance card, and I am still waiting!!!!! Binance is trash!!!

  11. Hello Binance asked me to transfer 8500 which I did to verify account then I transferred it out and now I get email off them saying it’s on hold and want me to transfer more money please will some one help me

  12. Useless, not sure why Binance exists. Should follow FTX path and die peacefully. None money transfers options work, deposits are returned next morning. Complete waste of time and money.

  13. I do not know why people give bad review to this platform, i have been using the platform for 4 years now and i have not had any bad experience, binance always solve the issues even on p2p appeal order everything is safe and i am a proud user of Binance

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