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Phone: +44 2045 771951

Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Email: [email protected]

About company:

Our mission

Our aim is to help our clients be successful and to develop the field of finance in all the countries where the brand operates. This is why we are always bringing out new innovative products and trying to keep the services we offer as relevant as possible.

  • Increasing financial literacy
  • Providing access to international finaincial markets
  • Taking part in the regulation of the Forex market and improving its reputation

Together, we can do more


Over the last 20 years, sponsorship programs have become an integral part of what we do here. We’ve worked with various sports teams across the world. In 2018, we made it to the North Pole and planted the Alpari flag at the top of the world, setting 2 new world records in the process. And it doesn’t end here; we have much more planned for the future!

Social responsibility

The Alpari Charitable Fund was founded in 2005. Over 15 years, the charity has provided support to more than 37,000 people. During this time, the fund has held more than 750 events and fundraisers, paid for the medical treatment of more than 1,200 children, and provided humanitarian support to around 18,000 families. The fund also has more than 10 continuous programs in place that help to focus the charity’s efforts and achieve more. Today, the Alpari Charitable Fund has more than 100 full-time volunteers.

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4 reviews to “ALPARI  — Review”

  1. Although the broker is well-known, even though they shout about him at every corner, the fact is that these shouts are ordinary stupid PR, nothing more. But in fact, they are manipulating market orders here. This is especially true for market beginners who first came to the site and started trading on the Forex market using the platform of this office. I don’t need to explain to you for a long time how much manipulation and divorce there is in this market. So my deposit was even leaked. And I had $800 in my account. Two orders – CADCHF and EURRUB were closed forcibly in the red. And that’s it, the fairy tale is over. Previously, he withdrew 200 bucks, and then the money was simply taken away.

  2. Never worked with this company before. But a few months ago I still came here to check the resource and understand how it suits me. Well, I decided to try a new trading tool for myself, namely CFD contracts for cryptocurrencies. I am primarily interested in the top ones, that is, bitcoin and ether. That’s where I started trading. At first, I even had a read, that is, +320 dollars for 5 days. And this is with a very modest deposit! But I honestly earned everything and soon applied for a withdrawal. But she hangs for the second week. They fool me with regards to verification and do not want to pay money to the card.

  3. You look at where Alpari is registered. This is Mauritius. What is Mauritius? Yes, this is a tax zone. And if money is stolen from you, well, all this is somehow set up and so on, then you simply won’t be able to return anything and also prove the company’s guilt. They spat on us, little people, from a high bell tower, as they say. I also suffered from the actions of this company. I brought $1,500 here a year ago, started trading on the Forex market, and soon I was completely merged. And then they said that there was just a sudden collapse in the market and they would not reimburse anything.

  4. Alpari is exactly the broker you can only dream of. That’s exactly what I thought at first, reading a lot of laudatory comments about the site. And when he began to figure out what kind of office it was, he got into the loot. I was stupidly lied to while trading the dollar and the Swiss franc. And it was just on the day, on a normal trading day – 25.09 of this year. The order just didn’t work at the price I wanted. And closed at a lower price. Loss received in the amount of 400 bucks. Bred by the unfortunate.

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